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CatAward blog was created to bring the best possible articles and other content about cats and felines for cat lovers and people looking for answers. We are passionate about cats and we want to share our knowledge with you.

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Why We Started CatAward?

CatAward was started in order to help and give answers to people, who are looking for information about cats & felines. In 21-century cat care changed. People are sometimes forgetting that cats even though they are now domestic once were wild animals. We wanted to create an online place, where everybody can get all the facts about cats in one place. Still, we are university students who do this as a hobby. We hope to get some nice feedback and help at least 1 person who is looking for any answer about cats.

Our Plan

As we said our plan is to raise awareness about a 21-century cat care. Cats living in households need to go outside sometimes and stay in nature for a while. This is one of the most important of cat heatlh factors. It is similar to dog care. We are publishing cat facts daily. You will have more information not only how you should care about your cat, but also things you probably did not know, like cats anatomy.

Do You Want To Help Us?

By any chance, if you like what are we doing, and you wish to help us a bit here is what you can do.

Do you have some writing skills or you would like to learn how to write?

Cool write a topic related article for us, and we will publish it!

You do not have writing skills or do not want to write an article?

No problem, any ideas about topics that we should write about would be appreciated

Any other tips on how to improve our page would be also nice

If you want to help navigate to the Contact Us page and send an e-mail about your ideas, articles, and so on.